Re-Visioning For CMRS

BackgroundIn our country we are in the Post war era. CMRS just celebrated 50 years. At this turning point in the History of our country and the CMRS, we feel the need to review the existing Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives of CMRS. Participants: All Major Superiors - If for some reason you are going to be absent from the country, make sure you send a representative who is holding responsibility who can participate meaningfully and share with you and your members later. Venue: Tewatte Retreat House, Tewatte Dates: Monday 3rd October evening – Thursday 6th October evening Facilitator: FR. THOMAS V KUNNUNKAL, S.J. (Delhi) Objective:

Revise and maximize our services to all the Religious, the Church and to the Nation Clarify and prioritize our objectives Review our resources and constraints Build a consensus and motivate all members for an updated mission.

Process: Three level process

1. Regional Level Meetings for the Major Superiors to explain the process – before August 10 2. A Questionnaire will be sent to the Major Superiors. Each Major Superior is expected discuss this questionnaire with some responsible members of the Congregation and bring the answers for the Meeting.